Dear Mr. President

[This is a guest post by a very good friend and absolute sweetheart of a girl, the one and only Priyanka Thaddaeus. It’s a letter to President Barack Obama that she sent him last year. In light of all the negativity towards him from certain groups, I thought it would be good to share something lighthearted and positive.]  

Dear Mr. President,

I have been meaning to write to you ever since I arrived in the United States for my postgraduate degree in 2012. I’m sorry I never really got down to it until now. Over the past seven years, you must have received thousands of letters similar to mine. I don’t expect for mine to warrant a reply, but I just wanted you to know, as an international student who came here aloft the conventional American dream – the reality of which has been everything I’d hoped for! – I am truly grateful for your presidency.

Thank you, President Obama.

Thank you for taking up office with the sole purpose of working for the people and keeping up that vigor for two entire terms. Thank you for holding and maintaining the honor of this office. I wish you could stay longer! As hard as gratitude is to come by today, I am so thankful for having been educated in an America that has been free, just, safe, and equal under your leadership.

Thank you for balancing justice and equality and knowing which goes where first. Thank you for always allowing human values and love to trump religious segregation and constructs. Thank you for showing compassion and standing strong when everybody goes against you. Thank you for your steadfastness in helping combat climate change. It saddens me that more often than not all the good you do goes unappreciated. What you’ve taught us is so important, and I assure you sir, history will be kinder to you.

But most importantly, Mr. President, thank you for being a leader with an exemplary family life. Watching you, Mrs. Obama, and your daughters gives me hope in the humanness of people, irrespective of the posts we hold. Thank you for your humility.

I’m 24, and when I see the grace with which both Malia and Sasha conduct themselves, I cannot help but comment on the impeccable upbringing imparted to them. They are strong, beautiful women – you must be so proud!

I extend this gratitude to your entire team in office who work hard every day to make the lives of people easier in ways big or small, and to your family. I do hope I get to meet you, Mrs. Obama, and your daughters someday!


Priyanka Thaddaeus

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I’d like to think of myself as an open-minded free thinker. With a long way to go! Professionally, I’m a passionate but slightly procrastinating Aviation Safety ENFJ, and when I’m not knee-deep in safety reports and aircraft investigations, I’m reading or listening to the very real human experiences of people, which continue to peel away at my 24 years of ‘religious (in)stability’. When I’m not being obnoxious about why I affirm evolution, climate change, LGBTQ/animal/women’s rights, and my pro-choice way of being, I’m working on living as an example of Jesus who’s prime commandment was to love—no questions asked (and certainly trying not to judge). And when I’m doing none of the above, I’m traveling, gorging on good food, petting someone’s cat, craving chocolate, poring over my Google Nexus, being thankful for my family and life, or refusing to confine the magnificence of God within the four walls of the Bible. Our universe is too beautiful, too intricate, and too volatile for that!


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