The Adventure Heart

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Hello again blogosphere! I’ve been in the midst of transition over the past couple months, hence the infrequent posts. I made the giant leap from my relatively comfortable, cushioned, Canadian lifestyle into the unknown of the bustling, glorious, and polluted city of Mumbai, India. This has been a dream of mine since forever ago, and it feels totally surreal to be finally here. Life and the day to day is vastly different in some ways and not so different in other ways. But here I am, hopes and dreams tucked carefully into my back pocket, and enough excitement to push through these first days and weeks.

A life change of this magnitude begs a few reasonable questions and a host of uninvited other questions that serve no purpose but to make you feel like an idiot. No, I don’t speak fluent Hindi. No, I don’t have some grand master plan for success. No, I have never lived in India before. Yes, I might run out of money. Yes, I might be insane. Yes, I might get sick, or hurt, or ripped off, or raped. (Yeah, I’ve heard about and considered it all.)

Let’s be real. The shift has been equal parts excitement and fear. Well, it started out mostly as excitement until a few well-meaning people decided to “help” by whittling away at my perhaps naive confidence with their own worries, fears, and insecurities. But I think I like my naivete just fine, thank you very much. It has lent itself to far more fascinating adventures than playing it safe ever did. In fact, I might not even call it naivete, it’s my adventure heart. That being said, after listening to everyone’s “advice”, I’ve decided that I’m dealing with enough of my own insecurities to be carrying around yours. So thanks, but no thanks.

If I’ve learned anything in the short span of life that I’ve lived, it is that failure isn’t a real thing. It’s simply a perception of a set of events. Think about it. Failure is an abstract idea that represents undesired outcomes. The one thing that keeps myself and a lot of people from taking chances is the fear of failure. That’s why I won’t give myself any ultimatums. It is what it is. Life is what it is. And it will be what it will be. I don’t think about failure. I think about adventure.

The saddest part of this process for me has been the discouragement coming from people who are “watching out for me”. Here’s the thing though, there will always be naysayers. The naysayers are there if you do everything right. They are there if you do anything wrong. The naysayers come at you with questions they think you haven’t thought about. The naysayers will tell you all about their own experiences of dashed expectations. The naysayers always start by claiming that they “want what is best for you” but the negativity they vomit into your life is hard to clean up. And even after you clean up, the stench is unforgiving. The naysayers show up and will continue to show up at the most inopportune moments with their pseudo-certainty to dissuade every adventure heart decision.

But with all my ranting about naysayers, I have to say that I am so very thankful to the encouragers, the cheerleaders, the you-can-do-it kind of people who embody the positivity that paves the way to revolution. Because sometimes the odds are stacked against you, but they don’t have to be a deterrent. The struggle is real but it is worth it. Because I will learn. I will grow. I will adapt. I will overcome. And I will thrive. If not right away then eventually. It would be accurate to say that the line between courage and stupidity is a fine one. But so be it. Because nothing great was ever achieved by playing it safe. And failure? Failure is nothing.

Grace and peace my dearly beloveds.


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