Short Hair Don’t Care

I think it was Coco Chanel who said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Well, yes. As a matter of fact, I did cut my hair. And, as a matter of fact, I am about the change my life. And, as a further matter of fact, I couldn’t be happier about it.


I promise I’m not turning this into a fashion blog. But I have to talk about my new do which came about on whim (well, sort of) this afternoon. It all started out rather innocently. I had plans to drop in and pick up a few things from my friend Keila, who manages a trendy little  hair salon in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto. But I really needed a hair cut and Keila always finds a way to make it work when I ask. So I asked.


Earth Salon is owned by Michael Crispel. I’ve been getting my hair cut here for almost a year and a half, but nothing quite as drastic as today’s cut. Tina is the girl who cuts my hair. She is awesome and takes good care of me. She knows what she’s doing. She’s good at it. And she’s a sweetheart. And I always walk out of there with a smile.


I grew up with super short hair and always wanted to grow it out. But when I finally got older and grew it out, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about with long hair and decided it was way too much of a hassle. 


It’s been a while since I went and got a wild, out there kind of hair cut. Back in 2010, I rocked a super edgy, asymmetrical bob. Followed by rockstar purple hair that I absolutely loved and which probably was my favourite hair phase of all time. But since then, it’s been fairly mainstream. Until now…


And there you have it. The undercut. It’s my first time trying this so let see how it goes and how it grows out. Also, it looks really sleek and styled in these pictures, but I’m excited to go wash it and let it air dry for a messier look. I’ll post pictures on Instagram so stay tuned.


One final point, I’ve had this love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with my baby hairs—you know, the little wispy pieces right at my hair line that always want to do their own thing. But I’ve realized that I’m so done with hating on parts of myself, for whatever reason, and instead, I’m going to embrace. Curves. Muffin top. The hunch at the nape of my neck. Being short. Skinny legs. The extra melanin in my knees, elbows, and underarms. And yes, even uncooperative baby hairs, along with everything else I haven’t mentioned.


Last but not least, huge thanks to Tina for taking all of these photos. I wasn’t planning to blog about my hair, but she had all these pictures and I had such a great experience that it couldn’t not happen. You can find out more about Tina here and Earth Salon here. They’re also on Instagram as @ilove_yourhair and @earthsalon.

Grace and peace.


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